We do things differently to stay ahead of the curve
Transport and Maritime Economics Research Corporation (TMERC) is an independent management consulting firm comprising a team of expert consultants and adviser to corporate and government decision-makers.
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  • Public policy research and development
  • Economic impact studies
  • Market intelligence and analytics

TMERC has considerable experience in the execution of management consultancy projects for international clients and in co-operation with international partners.


We aim to achieve the highest quality standards and above par meeting deadlines, recognisable report format and style, friendly contact with a client …

  • Lobbying and representation of interests
  • Strategy and strategic planning, we solve your toughest problems and capture greatest opportunities
  • Port governance, management and economics, we have executed more than 20 projects in port corporatization arena across the globe
  • Benchmarking and analysis, we love to see whats best in the world across different industries and deliver it to you

Success is a science: it`s a mix of conditions you create to achieve the result

Dr. Valters Bolevics